Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Day Three Bar Wenching - all is not as it seems!

I am very disappointed to report Bar Wenching is not all I hoped for.

It does I agree Cindy, imply an olde worlde, bawdy songs and those huge tankards!

I suspect under the current laws governening Responsible Service of Alcohol, Food Hygeine and OH & S I'm not gonna find it - locally anyway.
Day Three has seen us trudge up many stairs and through much theory and paperwork. Another words in theory and with Monoply money I can serve customers, handle cash and work out bassic Foreign Exchange transactions.

But this afternoon we started to move into the world of the practical with how you set up a bar and a demonstration of the various methods of cocktail making such as build, layer, muddle, shake and stir. Although after we do Responsible Serving of Alcohol we find out the legalities behind the layered drinks. Can you or can't you? That is the question!

Did anybody else watch Grumpy Old Women on Christmas on Monday night? I know my father did and he was disappointed because it wasn't as funny as the Grumpy Old Men at Christmas. Which I have to agree with him about, but it was very true in otherways or at least I thought so. I am however disappointed that the GOW didn't seem to have as much of an aversion to Xmas cards as the GOM did. I absolutley loathe the wretched things.

I must dash my dear readers and see if I can put to use some of my ill bought liquer choices - these are not so much as declasse but criminally insane. Consequentially I have a big collection and not all of it will mix - well I could mix it but......I'm sure you understand.

Until next time,
A bona fide grumpy redheaded wench and damn proud of it.

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