Thursday, December 15, 2005

Welcome to RSG!

RSG for those of you not familiar is Responsible Service of Gambling something similar to RSA but still a whole different set of rules.

That's what I had the priveledge of doing tonight, I nearly didn't get there as I was going to trail back down all the stairs to see if I had perhaps ended up in the wrong place (which I hadn't but more on that later).

I couldn't see anybody from my class, it looked to be a whole different class so I had a minor crisis, only minor. And while starting back down the stairs I met some of my class who were all headed up so I followed back up - if I am going to barge into the worng class I'd rather not do it alone. Safety in numbers and all that jazz.
I can only presume for some reason best known to the powers to be that they would combine 2 (possibly 3?) classes together for this. The end result was total choas!

It wasn't a boring subject as I had first thought and turned out to be rather interesting but it was very hard to concentrate, most of them clearly thought this was some kind of social occasion and talked, rattled papers and generally fidgeted.

Edit: There was more here about knitting, but the daft white cat has struck again and is about to be struck!

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