Tuesday, December 20, 2005

So much time, so little to drink!

Or should that be so much to drink and so little time?

Another fabulous afternoon of sampling, today was wines followed by a port and a cognac. I didn't mind the Cognac, the port I could have left as I could have done with most of the white wines. We only tried two reds and only one of them was remotely drinkable. At least I think so.

After all that excitement we had to practice opening wine bottles with the Waiter's Friend. Fool of a thing! is all I shall say on that experience.

This was followed by what was supposed to be non-dairy based mocktails. Inevitably some booze ended up in some of the drinks. Surprise surprise!
While they were few and far between, the non-alcoholic ones that were made mostly seemed to end up down the sink, I'm not talking about the remains of a drink here - were talking nearly full glasses.
I suspect it had a lot to do with people were just making stuff up, I don't think anyone really thought out what they were doing. And as for the Midori and cranberry juuice concoction, I wasn't surprised it ended up down the sink.

I made a good old stand-by the Cinderella Mocktail after flipping through the recipes supplied and not seeing it or anything like it I figured I might be able to pull some credit for something that might be "original"!

But instead of mixing the first ingredients and topping with lemonade I decided to go down the built road. I picked a hurricane glass, my personal fave glass. Added some ice, poured some pineapple juice over it, added some orange juice slightly less than the pine and then what was meant to be a dash of grenadine become more like three and promptly sank to the bottom of the glass - I wasn't expecting that! But it did as it settled make a real cool kind of "blush" at the bottom of the glass. I topped it up with lemonade which made this cool clear layer at the top and the juices sort of intermingled in the middle to make a yellow-orange colour.
Compleatly by accident I ended up with something absolutly fabulous darling!

While out doing some last minute shopping this morning I picked up the latest Simply Knitting and the new Yarn magazine.
I bought Creative Knitting the other day and I am a little annoyed it was wrapped in plastic because I couldn't see what was in it before I bought but having looked at it since it's better than last month's which I didn't buy at all.
Back to SK and Yarn, I was hoping to read them tonight after I got in from class but it looks as though my mother failed to drop them in with the rest of my shopping.

All good things come to those who wait I suppose, at least I have the newsletter from Janet Evanovich to peruse tonight, not quite as exciting or as much reading...

Until next time,

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Sharon said...

What no Merlot? Sounds like you had a lot of fun, just the same.