Monday, January 08, 2007

It's so over!

Well today was the day, yes the day when I went for my interview to the bank.

And you know what? I was so over it by this morning, I was certainly over it after 3 1/2 hours waiting for my interview. So I said what I honestly thought, not whatever I thought however.
That I saved for when I had 40 mins to sit around and do nothing, so I started to have a mental debate, if I was making dinner for Matt Hardy what would I make?
I suppose he is a man, an easier question to answer would be what not to make?? Certainly create a shorter list.

There is something immensely satisfying about the possibility of making something, planning, buying and cooking, unfortunately after all this I'm usually over it and don't really want to eat it. Unless it's chocolate cake!!!

I have a hankering for scones. With jam. Perhaps apricot jam???? Made two batchs snow. Beautiful stuff. Now were all waiting on Ms Stash's apricots to come good so we can start boiling up again.

I was catching up on my beloved Matt Hardy, see multitasking! Using more than one computer program at a time, should have told them that, see I can type a blog post and perve at the same time as well as hopping between umpteen dozen knit links. Am I talented or what??? Anyway back to Matt, he was talking about a fan signing thingo, and how he didn't get to interact with his fans as much. And what I thought said making out and got slightly hot flustered and need to shout to the Daft White Cat to bring me some booze. Clearly what was I missing out on??? Closer inspection revealed it actually said make it out, in reference to people who hadn't been able to get there. Ohhhhhhhhh!

It's knitting coven tomorrow, I might take the whitewater wristwarmer, get it finished. Just in time for the hot weather!! I know I know I need to get my organizer hat on and make some calls. But I have to have a cup of tea and sit down before I even think about that. My brain is overloaded with insane questions, we had to fill out these questionnaires things, it was the same set of questions over and over again. I'm sure of it. 20 questions would in reality be about 5!


2paw said...

Well, it's over!! That's what counts and you had a happy Matt thinking time. Scones are lovely aren't they?? See you and the wrist warmers tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I have done those questionnaires. You would think they were going to put you in charge of the next space mission with the hoops they make you jump through! I can't go to the coven - we are off to get lost in a maze.