Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Houston we have a problem!

Today was knitting coven, it was very exciting, it was truly wonderful to catch up with everyone again. I've missed them!
Work has continued on the Whitewater Wristwamer, I have started the thumb. Then I was just sooooo tired of it. I'm tired of everything really.

I have to go back to my truly depressing job tomorrow, ah it was good while it lasted. I am so over it, the novelty of a new job and earning money has waned. There has to be better ways to earn a living! Most people are either new like me, been there 2 years or fall into the 5 - 8 years catergory (or longer!). I'm trying not to imagine 2 years in that place, it's far too depressing thought. I'm surprised there isn't a high rate of people hanging themselves from the nearest light fittings.

So far nothing on the job hunt front, they rang me and left me a message to let me know I had to complete an online assessment before my interview on Monday. By Monday morning I had had nothing from them! Nada, nought, zero, zilch! Apparently I discovered at the interview I wasn't the only one....However they assured me they would send me another one out, and if I've made it to the next level they will actually be sending me a second one to do before the next round of interviews. Oh well, we'll see what tomorrow brings.

In light of recent undevelpments, I am still considering my study options. Actually I have two study choices in mind, one's about 12 weeks but I have about a quarter of the units already done from it and the other is just a one day affair. But still a valuable asset.

I'm going to finish now because I'm Tired, so tired! As the Teutonic Titwillow sang in Blazing Saddles, who was she Lilly von somebody? Not quite my problem, but still there's been a lot of going and coming! And coming and going! And misinterptations about what exactly Matt Hardy was saying, but still. A girl sometimes just needs a break from it all!!


2paw said...

Wasn't it nice to see everyone agian, even picnicking!!! I was so worn out with the excitement that I came home and slept for 4 and a bit hours!!
Keep your chin up!!!

Little Purl said...

Sounds tiring ;o) Good luck with the knitting.