Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Well my fellow knitters you sholud ny now have heard from me. Is it hot enough or what??? I have to work today, not looking forward to it, but on the upside I will a) be paid for doing it, and b) it is a short shift so can't really complain too much.

And what will I do with all this lovely money I am earning? New yarn??? Possibly. Pole dancing??? Hopefully, there are classes in Launceston now! Applause, applause! Anyone care to join me for that??? I'd feel a bit of a boob going by myself to these things, but then if i go by myself no one can see me being a boob. Ah ha!

Dinner tomorrow night! I'm so excited! And I just can't hide it!

No knitting, I've thought about it, poked it, shouted at it, but it's not knitting it self unlike Mrs Weasleys knitting. Shame.

Until next time my fellow cyber citzens!


2paw said...

Smokey Joe's has air con. I was there tonight. I am melting and I have to mist The Labradors all the time to keep them cool....... too hot too hot too hot.... See you there tomorrow!!!
No pole dancing for me!!!! But you go right ahead!!!

Anonymous said...

Well it is rather a fine summer really but as for the pole dancing I think it will be pass thank you. wish I could come and join you all for dinner but not this time.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is hot, not much knitting being done here either :(

Pole dancing, no sorry I can't really see myself doing that!

msfortuknit said...

You have heat! HA I laugh in the face of your heat! We have been subjected to stupid freezing cold below 0!

As for your excitement....I know I know I know I know I want you I want you! ;) the crap we were subjected to growing up I tell you!?