Wednesday, January 10, 2007

It doesn't rain it pours.

The bank or more to the point it's reps have not done what they told me they would do! I still have not been sent anything online.

But how is this for exciting? The job I applied for last month that they wrote me a rejection on nice paper, clearly I wasn't to be forgotten after that. they rang me today to ask me to come in and interview for another position! The only down side it is more specialized than what I originally applied for. Hmmmmm. But on the upside I may get a position somewhere else in the company. I may not be right for right now, but later who knows???

I odn't know if I wan tot eat ro lie down, or possibly both. I was looking forward to a nanna nap. But i bought nonsense food at the supermarket, marinated fetta, vintage cheddar, quince paste and Dalfour's raspberry jam! Also I succombed to temptation whit chocolate is becoming very mod and fashionable. So I bought that Chocacino Italian style drinking chocolate in white to try. What else??? More of that chilli and tomaro pickle and some tortillas!

I did buy some sensible stuff like chocolate, oh and some pumpkin (which I am planning to make into soup, I've had a real craving for it.).

Nearly forgot bought some new knit mags today, the new Filati Winter, Interweave, Simply Knitting (complete with knitted nativity set, oh well plenty of time this year now) and soemthing simply titled Knitters.


Katt said...

Isnt the whole Soup thing weird in Summer!! cindy made some the other day..I have been having a urge to make some (going to make some minestrone tonight for tea)..

Might have to get some pumpkin tomorrow to make some baked pumpkin soup!

Gooooood luck with the work thing..


2paw said...

Katt's right, strangely, it is Suddenly Soup's on!! (tenuous TV reference there!!) I bought the Simply Knitting UK. Which IK did you get?? I like the Nativity, it has camels!!! Que Sera Sear: whatever job will be will be. In the meantime I think your tea sounds yummy!!

MrsDrWho said...

Can you help me?
Can you insist that 2paw knit her poor sad undeserving friend extra camels, sheep and donkeys for the nativity????? Yep...know I rubbish all your knitting obsessions BUT I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEED extra nativity animals.
Good luck with the job opportunities.
Chocolate soup.
Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

The job prospects are sounding promising, good luck with it all.

Soup in summer, my Dutch in-laws have soup all year round and think nothing of it, as for me I am a winter soup only girl unless the temperature drops a bit.