Sunday, May 18, 2008

While I am no Jane Austen fan, I am a huge fan of quizzes and when I saw this while reading through Melinda's blog I had to hop off and have a turn.

I am Elinor Dashwood!

Take the Quiz here!

Also thanks to Melinda I am madly in love with these mittens - Daisy Stitch Handwarmers. They look amazing I am so going to have to make myself a pair.

Two new recipes I have tried recently, my Grandparents have been up visiting so we have been having a dinner and lunches and making desserts. The first is Treacle Puds, a very handy stand by. And the other which we had for the first time ever came from my mothers cookbook and she couldn't remember when she'd last made it (if ever) was Raspberry Trifle.
Which was another simple one made with frozen raspberries and was delicious, in future we should make double.

I need to search through my delicious magazines since it was in there I am sure I saw a recipe for Scotch Eggs that were baked as opposed to the quite often method of frying.
Something I am keen to try from Good Taste magazine is an omelette in a bag. It was featured in an outdoorsy-camping menu feature but the prospect intrigues at home on the domestic front as well.

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2paw said...

Oh trifle, I love a trifle trifle!!!
Are you watching Emma?????