Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hello, My Name is The Daft White Cat!

TDWC had the privelidge of coming out for an outing to my parents house to meet my grandparents while they were here staying, alas he choose to take up residence behind the toilet - don't ask nobody has an answer only theroys about small spaces!
The only time he deemed worthy of coming out and along the hall was to greet my grandfather and give him the full treatment and receive a pat in return before returning to his new residence. He did later venture just outside into the hallway and I managed to snap a few pictures of him.
Upon his return home he settled back into his routine of sleeping, sleeping, sleeping, eating, playing with Mousie (a handknitted blue mouse made by myself!), sleeping and finally sleeping.
It's a hard life staying home all day, I just wish he'd learn to cook or iron. He'd make such a better house mate, he dosen't contribute financially at all either. He is a kept male of the first order!

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2paw said...

How exciting to see TDWC: he is very handsome!!! If only he didn't do the George Michael hanging around in toilets thing!!!!