Friday, May 30, 2008

Yes, Victor, I believe it!!!

It has just been one of those mornings, the kind that would have Victor Meldrew frothing at the mouth.
The kind where the world conspires against you???

I am submitting my final math assignment this morning, well while it's still very close to morning.

Today is also the first day of my holiday and today I am doing the baking I have been meaning to do for the last three weekends. It's just that time of year, when sitting at your computer with your cup of tea wearing a jumper, mittens, scarf and a hat, that you just fancy something with your cup of tea while you cruise Ravelry finding even more things you want to knit.
Can you guess who is refusing to admit it's cold enough to need heating yet??? Heating?? I don't need no stinking heating! Especially if the hydro prices go up, mines all electric.

In answer to the Greenwoman's comment, yes that is the yarn I meant! How delicious is it???

Speaking of Delicious has anyone else seen this months issue??? Lots of tasty things this time around.

Late evening edit!
I have submitted my maths assignment, now we just play the waiting game. I got no knitting done today, I was running late from the word go, so knitting just got pushed to the back burner. Maybe tonight, park myself on the couch and watch some episodes of Rising Damp - an about 1970's(???) British comedy.

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2paw said...

Oh the Tropical is divine!!
Glad to see you had cheered up by Saturday!! Not too cold so far- I have not been chilly anyway. Like the new Delicious. Am hopinmg to cook something from it soon!!!