Monday, June 23, 2008

This is me finishing an assignment for tomorrow. Then I have another test Wednesday. No rest for the wicked. Ever.

I'm debating what to make with some natural black alpaca I received from Karen during the PRGE, 2 years ago now??? I still haven't decided, it's so good, so I want to pick the right project for it. Because otherwise it'll be all gone.

I'm working on an all knit wrap at the moment for my mother (Sandra D), you really can't go wrong with all knit. It's sort of a pale green almost aqua in the old Caressa, back when it was only a 7-ply. It's knitting up lovely, it feels very soft and even though it is slightly fluffy it's not an irritating fluffy.

In between finishing my assignment off, I'm squeezing in Top Gear to see them drive across Botswana, this should be interesting. And hopefully finish off any remaining questions in time for Boston Legal!

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2paw said...

Ah you're working in the same way as MrDrWho is doing her work!!! Good luck with the test. Will we see you at the Ravelry Outing????
Oh pale green caressa. I have some of the new stuff. Nice!!!