Monday, June 09, 2008

Monday Nights are Boston Legal Nights again! Yeah! This a very good thing, however I forgot and missed last week's episode.
And even more exciting when it started we were just coming to an end of a repeat of the previous season on a Saturday night, so for a brief overlap it was two episodes a week!
I really must get the earlier seasons on DVD.

I attended the Northern Ravelry meet-up and met some new knitters, and saw most of the knitting coven for the first time in months!
Since that Saturday I have not looked at my knitting, I've thought about it and taken it out places with me but that is as far as it has got. I am working away on my second "Bratz" Gauntlet can't wait to finish it, I will buy the ribbon after the second one is done and they will truly be complete.
In light of this I've started thinking about the next project, while listing my sock wool on Ravelry, I had the idea to use a particular ball of it for some arm warmers. Hence the search began!
Now these Armwarmers seem the ticket, there should be enough yarn in my ball of Opal to complete them and being a fairly plain pattern it won't matter how variegated the pattern turns out. But I must confess to falling in love with You Snag.
My only concern is how striping the pattern of the yarn is, I don't want to lose the awesome deconstructed look of them with something that will end up looking too busy.

I'm sure I tucked the ball of yarn into my knitting bag to take to the Ravelry meet-up to get some opinions and I presume it's still in there, provided I actually put it in there in the first and didn't just think about it.
The other pick is Arm-egeddon Sleeves, but I'd have to buy yarn as well as beads to make them.

And of course it's that time of year again, Guardian Angel program has started once again. And this year I am finding it hard to muster the enthusiasm for it. Normally by now I've been and got my pattern book and picked out what I will make and usually have got it started. Not so this year, I haven't picked anything let alone started it.
I suppose I will get something underway but I doubt it'll make this year's deadline for hand in.

And in closing something I can muster a bit of enthusiasm for is proper use of pole dancing (no Britney flailing about here), the British Women's Institute had a proper performance!


2paw said...

Have Boston Legal from last week. Bringing it for you today. Oh, more knitting!! Have seen the Guardian book- want to knit big dice or crochet a ball????

amanda j said...

We all hit slumps now and then! I am sure it will pass.