Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yeah for me!

Breaking my own embargo...but I got 5/10 on my Accounting quiz this afternoon. For reference top mark was 6/10. And since we all had to mark each others, took me back to primary school(!), I feel even better about my 5 since the poor soul who I marked got 0 right. (I don't know who it belongs to were all identified by student numbers which our tutor uses to identify the papers and then hand back to owners.)

But when the answers were being written up there was lots of collective moaning (and not in a good way like When Harry Met Sally) and muttering of "Oh no I'll have so many answers wrong!".
Yet there was also some discussion pre-tute, not everyone had done their Independent Study Tasks. Might've helped!

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2paw said...

So if the top mark is 6, you are on the 83rd percentile!!! All that studying paid off!!