Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Vacuming the cat

I'm meant to be finsihsing an assignment but currently I am wresrling with my conclusion, I need to finish it and stay within the word limit as there are penalties for going over.
However I have just over 70 words left, the rest of my conlusion needs to be short or I need to cull something from somewhere else in the essay.....hmmmmm....haaaaaawww...heeeemmmm.....

I've located the details of what one of my tests tomorrow will be about, narrows down what I have to revise tonight for that one and the other one I have tomorrow I already know what it will be on.
Today I did a presentation, I thought it was awful, there was Basil Fawlty style escapedes with the lap top and projector to start with. It seemed an omen of things to come, but official verdict is the presentation went "very well". I'm inteperating that to mean a good mark.

But back to the assignment, I have this problem of I always find them hard to start but once I get started I have to struggle to rein it in under the word limit and have to start looking for lesser bits of infomration to cull to make it all fit.


2paw said...

Well done with your presentation!!! I hope the essay goes well, people think the word limit is so high, but when you are actually writing to a deadline it is so hard!!

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Darkside,

Good luck.

Hugs, Euphoria