Tuesday, March 16, 2010

No more painting the cat's nails...

Twice in the last week on Twitter people I follow have found cash in old bags. What did I find in mine an unfinished knitting project. I'd like to look through all my old bags on the off chance but it will have to wait.

Knitting, blogging, tweeting, searching bags and painting the cats nails will all have to go on the back burner. Put the nail polish down and step away from the cat!

I was filling in my calender so I have at-a-glance-monthly list of what is due when and when tests are, except Corp Reg we just have to turn up to every tute as their not telling us which tutes the tests wil be in. Very sneaky but probably very effective for attendance, learning and final pass rates.

But back to my calender, over the next 2 weeks (17th March to to the 31st March), I have in total 5 tests, 5 assignments and a oral presentation to do. Talk about baptisim of fire!
After this insanity, the following two months sees me with huge gaps between assesments loads of time to do far less work???
Admittedly census falls in the middle of this insane period so I guess either you do the work or you quit before you officially start racking up fees and/or academic penalties.

But guess who so far has been busy doing all their required reading and doing hopmework for tutes??? Guess who thought at start of smester they had plenty of time till first assessment and got stuck in on their reading (it's hard to catch up if your behind!)??? Guess who upon filling out their calender this morning had a Macauly Caulkin in Home Alone moment???

But maybe there is still time for one final Lolcat???


2paw said...

Ahh, it's always the way, isn't it. And who has been finding all this money??
I like that you have made a list though, making a list is the first step to achieving you goals!!(Oh I'm all Oprah!!)

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Suzi,

Good luck. Been there, done that! You took me back to my thirties when I went back to school.

Have some fun and try not to sweat the small stuff.

Hugs, Euphoria