Friday, February 24, 2006

New Knitter On the Block!

How very exciting is this? A new knitter from here in Tasmania! And you know what else is exciting? She made the Alien Illusion scarf as well. And it looks super cool!

Most of you will have no doubt seen the pucture of the very cool Skully kniting tote the very clever Cindy made for me, if not scroll down and admire because it is beautiful! Unfortunatly now it is beautiful and hairy, the Daft White Cat felt the need to drag it all over my bed in the early hours of yesterday morning and jump on it and me. I don't know what came over him, but he got a lecture and now I have to hide Skully when I go to bed. No more can I leave it on my bedside table so I can decide during the night to simply pick up where I left off.
I even had a little re-opening ceremony when I came home with it Tuesday, mostly so I could unwrap it and be excited again and he didn't seem at all interested.
Wretched cat!

In all my excitement the other day I forgot to take a picture of my sock, I am now doing the Dublin Bay after 3 attempts at Sharon's lovely feather and fan socks I failed miserably. I am it appears the Inspector Cleauseu of knitting. Swine sock!

But at least I have not tarnished Team Angstlyvania's good name by being too much of a success.

Until next time, be most excellent to one another!
A bona fide red head and damn proud of it!


amanda j said...

Thanks for linking to my blog. I love your illusion scarves, but my new challenge is fair isle - I have just cast on for the PosterBoy bag from SnB Nation. Two firsts, circular needles and two colours! I will post photos soon. Love your blog

2paw said...

I think you'll find Inspector Clouseau would say "Serk"!!!!! Even : Special Delivery : A Serk!!!!
The Skully might smell like Labradors!! The DWC is probably really cross!! I love that you opened it again for the surprise!!! Very amusing!!
Hope the sock knitting is going swimmingly!!!

Sharon said...

It didn't help that the silly person, had a typo in the pattern (the ,) Suzi, she has now fixed it ;)

I swear that cats are jealous of our knitting!!!