Wednesday, February 22, 2006

This my new new precious! This is one of the fabulous Cindy's creations! I've told her she should submit this design to the AntiCraft. Now everyone at SNB has one of these most excellent little bags and they are all very nice but mine is by far the most coolest! And that's not personal bias simply because it's mine or it has a skull & crossbones - it just is sooooo coooool!


Sharon said...

Cindy is one talented lady that is for sure.

2paw said...

Have you seen I Heart Knitting is making the Alien scarf from SnB??? I think she likes skulls too!!! Glad you like my sad attempt at making a skull and crossbones!!!!

Jodie said...

Love you skull bag. I made some skully socks awhile back for my dad. Picture here;

They were a lot of fun to make and were only my second pair of socks.