Tuesday, February 28, 2006


They're finally up and I rather like the jacket, don't know I would wear it though....

What am I on about you ask? New Knitty Surprises of course!


2paw said...

I loved Starsky and Hutch!! I am old enough to have watched them first time around. How we all wanted one of these!! Mind you, I liked the other jacket, with the kind of Aztec pattern and it was brown and cream!! ACMA and I reminisced about this last night!!!

Sharon said...

I used to be allowed to stay up late the night they were on, I think I was in about grade 6, but I have to agree with Cindy, the brown aztec like pattern is the real deal here. I do like this new version though.

And of course everyone had their favourite, mine was Starsky.

Katt said...

I bought the latest Starsky and Hutch movie. LOVE Owen Wilson!

I like the jacket too..Dont think its really me though.