Saturday, February 04, 2006

So many socks and so little time!

I've been sorting my sock wool out and decided the Opal Lollipop (Turqouises) that I started I will now take back and re-start as the Cable Rib Socks that appeared in the latest Creative Knitting.

That still leaves me two balls of Regia and a sparkly Opal. I am thinking about Jaywalker from MagKnits, Broadripple or Falling Leaves both from Knitty or even the Dublin Bay Socks from Mossy Cottage Knits.

While on decision making for new projects, I wasn't going to, but I am now after noticing Team Angstylvania to take on the Knitting Olympics 2006 challenge.
I notice some very industrious people are using this time to knit more for Dulaan, I think I will how ever concentrate on doing something for myself during this time.

The incredible ankle sock saga has not finished - this is purely out of my own despair to finish the foot part now would put me in the position to pick up all the stitches required for the band and then for the roll top. I have come up with a plan where by I put it aside in favour of working with older socks yet to be knitted up, I feel by the time that they are done it will be cool enough for me to cope with the mammoth task of picking up stitches.

While looking to see what others are knitting I have stumbled upon this most excellent pattern! Pirate Mittens! And available from the same source We Call Them Pirates!

I think that is more than enough excitement for one day, so I shall end here my dear readers.
Until next time,
A bona fide skull loving red head and damn proud of it!


Sharon said...

I,m not a skull person really, but I do like those mittens.

2paw said...

Oh how exciting - sock yarn!!! The Dublin Bay socks were the first pair I knitted - just enough lace, not too much!! I made them for my friend. They were vv nice. Bring the Ankle Socks ( Angstkle socks!!) and I will give you a hand on Tuesday!!!! Pirate mittens!! You can die happy!!!