Tuesday, June 13, 2006

How Now White Cat?

Edit: Almost forgot about one of the new sites the lovely Ms Fortuknit sent my way. Punk Rock Knit Girls, pink and skulls? Strangely I am not as averse to pink as I once was, I shall balme the person who sits across from me at Knitting Coven who keeps knitting pink socks....

The Daft White Cat finds it incredibly delightful of an evening when the heater goes on, he sees it as his personal luxury to roll around in front of and generally hog the heat by sleeping right on top of it just about.

My knitting mojo hasn't returned, I can only presume it migrated to a warmer clime. I would have liked to have gone with it, but then it didn't invite me.

It's like Denny Crane getting married, my mojo and I are drifting apart. I have become an avid fan of Boston Legal. Denny Crane. And James Spader? Not the James Spader mentioned in the very first episode of the very first season of Buffy????

I'll have to consult the oracle. Cindy!!!

Tomorrow is Knitting Coven and I have no idea what I will be taking along to knit, maybe one of the socks? I am keen to restart teh feather and fan sock. It was all going so well before being struck down by the dreaded sock curse...

Until next time,
A bona fide red head without her mojo and damn sad about it.


Sharon said...

Pink socks, hmmmm would that be me?? I am working on brown/green toned socks this time so fear not, no pink in sight. Plus I promised Cathy and Katt I would slum it today and sit up their end, he he.

I checked out the punk rock site thingy and hey I am semi cool, I not only knew of some of the music listed in the sidebar, I actually listen to some of it.

This sock curse thing, I sure hope that it isn't catching.

2paw said...

Yep, it's that James Spader, the one from the original Stargate Movie - he was Daniel Jackson. Did you see the Denny/Alan dancing scene?? It was stunningly amazing.
I wondered where you were - looking for your mojo back in the 60s, obviously!!!

amanda j said...

It is that James Spader I believe. He was quite the hot ticket in the 80s along with Molly Ringwald and co. I missed Boston Legal last night - I had the soccer on (thanks SS) and was starting a new scarf. Was it good??

metal and knit said...

well if your mojo has decided to move to the mainland maybe it headed for the NT as it has been that cold all you want to do is lock yourself inside and knit with the heater on. trust me ther was a high chance of snow so close it wasnt funny.

Little Purl said...

Ooh, your cat and I have that in common.
Hope your knitspiration comes back soon!
Little Purlxx

msfortuknit said...

WOOHOOO! Embarrising to admit but Ive just finished the season of Boston Legal! I love it so much that I watch them in groups! What about that Parker Posey joining the cast! I LOVE HER shes just brilliant!

As for your mojo ms suzi, denny was married for but a short time so fret not goddess! You rule!

msfortuknit said...


Have a look at these ring blog thingys I found! Guess which one I used, and its not the pink one!


Have fun! Didnt know howto post it here!