Saturday, June 03, 2006

Another day, another dollar not in my pocket.

I think my knitting mojo may be coming back, perhaps it regrows?

Last night I started a hat for the Guardian Angel to Mongolia program. It's a made up stripey beanie made out of Angora Supreme in a pale mauve and a (yech!) pale pink. It is going rather well, I am knitting it in the round to avoid that boogelly job known as sewing up.

Also after my shoulders started to ache I converted back to straight needles and the mystery chunky yarn and started a rib scarf for Dulaan. Originally the mystery yarn must have been in hanks, because some of it still is and some is half wound into an ball and all boogelly. I wound a smallish hank into a ball last night after I knitted up the oddment first and I am nearly out so will have to finish rolling the boogelly hank, why can't people at least finish what they've started before donating it away?

I have taken Cindy's advice and indulged in chocolate and cute wrestling men. I am very soon going to be the owner of the DVD of the first season of the Matt Hardy show.
Yes, he has his own show. How vain can he be thinking people might want to watch a show about him? About right on the money it would seem. Albeit mine comes via ebay as I have been in two minds about ordering it direct from him.
It can hardly disappoint I know since the world has already seen the public melt down followed by the premature mid-life crisis that resulted in the red corvette (ooo yes!) and the overinflated blonde (she left to go model in New York shortly after, actually she was an ex-girlfriend but it all ended when she took up with one of his firends, which incidentlly was what prompted the recent meltdown as the then girlfriend ran off with one of his friends as well. Hmmmmm? Could this be a sign?)

Back on track, I actually secured my copy on ebay, much to my surprise as given the early interest in it I never thought I'd win it. To date it's the first copy to come up since it's release, yes I know the fact that I have been lying in wait all this time for it, implies I need a life. The fact that I would want a reality showesqe dvd of someone else's life is probably indictive of the fact that I clearly need a life of my own.

But if I had one, I wouldn't have time to knit for Mongolia, read other people's blogs and generally keep adding to my list of things I am sooooo going to make!

Actually after all that editing and rearranging of my blog sidebar yesterday I needed another percentage bar for my Dulaan Cloud Hat. I suppose I really should add one for the made-up angora beanie and the mystery yarn scarf.

And because nobody loves me, and I'm all alone and my Matt Hardy DVD is away off getting to me, maybe the end of the week (maybe) I need to fill in time so I have been cruising the net working my way through Google. I love Google, I just think (insert anything at all here), type it in and away I go on my merry way through cyber space reading about (insert whatever topic you picked here), and learning many new and wonderful things.
Today from my educational foray I offer you these two hot links Emily the Strange and The Addams Family. Notice they both include links to further increase your brain knowledge by explaining about other things associated with them. I like Wikipedia almost as much as Google.

Until next time,
A bona fide redheaded freak and damn proud of it.


amanda j said...

You do have a life! It involves knitting and thinking about Matt Hardy and eating chocolate and all of those other wonderful things. I don't know who Matt Hardy is. I had better google him. Little Purl and I are making a beanie too!

metal and knit said...

well time to settle in with hot milo some lind choc and your favorite music and settle in then when it feels right knit.

msfortuknit said...

do your thang suzi girl!

Sharon said...

I am trying to imagine you knitting pink and purple, he he!!! It is for a good cause though;)

2paw said...

The DWC loves you!!!! It is that Wintertime SAD thing affecting you!!

Katie said...

Three boogellies in one post, I think that's a record ;o)

Little Purl said...

Ooh, Amanda J and I are knitting a beanie too. Wait, she's already said that. Oh well!
Good links by the way. I love Emily the Strange!

msfortuknit said...
another cool site for you Suzi! Its a friend of moon

Obsidian Kitten said...

Emily is my hero. Her and her cats. I love Emily, tho she probably hates me now for saying so.