Saturday, June 17, 2006

For whom the bell tolls....

I have been having a bit of a crisis of conscious. I have not got a lot of knitting done, I've read a fair number of Agatha Christies, spent slightly more time thinking about the very delectable Matt Hardy and generally occupying my time by discovering the most amazing things, like someone thinks I'm cool! That someone else out there wants Metallica to serve them breakfast.

As you can see I have got some more work on the remake of the Feather and Fan Socks, the lovely Sharon's pattern. I had hoped to do one of those Proof of Life photos, holding today's newspaper. But the Sock was having a Diva moment. Apprently it's trailer wasn't big enough, and there was no fresh ORCHIDS! ORCHIDS!

Well I have been wasting several hours watching my new, just arrived Matt Hardy Show Season 1 DVD. I'm not sure I actually like it, but I won't say I don't like it either. To say at times it confuses me would only be honest, how did Matt's brother Jeff get from Moses to cows in under a nano second has me lost. I did contemplate doing what the evil man with the long hair (no idea what his name is off the top my head, Bai Ling was his other half) in The Crow wanted to do with Skank, video tape it and play it back in slow motion. Well it was already on DVD, unfortunately slow mo only did my head in and I had to go lie down.

Matt Hardy, as you know dear readers is very dear to me, very dear, I put him up on the pedestal and super glued the soles of his shoes (didn't work he still got away). Do you know that moment when the perfect vision of loveliness open their mouths and speak and suddenly it's not perfect?
It all started with a discussion about trolls, I thought they were short and scaly but Matt and Jeff between them didn't seem to certain about trolls themselves. When out of Matt Hardy's mouth came the absolute clanger, someone, his cameraman I think said something about trolls in relation to Lord of the Rings. Jeff hadn't seen it, neither had Matt because he's not into sci-fi stuff.


No no no no no no no no no no....say it isn't true! Can the greatest obsession of my life not tell sci-fi and fantasy apart? Even I can and I'm not into sci-fi and fantasy (except for Terry Pratchett but that's another post another day when I'm less traumatised).

The lovely Ms Stash has been dying me some wool, I told her something dark and stormy and the results I am sure will be spectacular. There will be some before and after pictures on her blog. Or maybe not, the sock is not the only Diva today, so I will display here the finished dyed wool. Nice isn't it? I like to call it Stormy Sisters.

Anyway I am off to get ready for tonight's viewing, possibly some more Matt, but maybe we'll go for superheros, Wolverine hasn't disappointed me yet. That man is a bad, bad man. I like that. Still to see the third instalment, I will get there, I may even take Ms Stash if she so desires and doesn’t roll her eyes. No, wait that's only when I want her to come to the Rock's movies with me...

The bell tolls for thee......

Until next time,
A bona fide red head and damn proud of it.


2paw said...

Wesley from Angel.
David Beckham?
Harry Kewell ( can't spell the names of real people!!)
These are all men who have the voices of whiny unattractve men, not the mellifluous voices we want and expect!!
Nice sock.
Nice dyed wool.
Not tell the difference?? The man is a Philistine!!!!

2paw said...

Oh and I bow down to your coolness : you're certainly influencing the weather hre!!!

Little Purl said...

I think you're cool!
And I agree: David Beckham, where did you get that voice?

Fifi said...

Be fair, I did go see Walking Tall with you without any eye rolling at all. I know I was there, I remember eating your popcorn.

metal and knit said...

Well we all have our give me the bucket to catch the drool people and well yeah we can fantasise.

I think this is an idea blog for me to read as we speak the same music language.

Sharon said...

Love the feather and fan sock, the stormy sisters yarn and yeah you are cool.

amanda j said...

I love that yarn, what a perfect name for it. Chin up love, just turn the sound down and play some rockin tunes! Problem solved!! :P

Katie said...

You forgot about Cap'n Jack Sparrow he's a pirate, drop dead gorgeous & wears funky socks!

msfortuknit said...

nice yarn pretty pattern and fancy fancy fancy knitting!

Leeanne said...

I like your fan sock, I made a baby shawl with a similar fan pattern. Just love it.

Cathy said...

Patrick Swayze, Steven Seagal and Sean Connery are all honeys.

Drool, drool.

Loooooooooove the socks.