Thursday, June 01, 2006

Trials and Tribulations

I am a cursed sock knitter, I started my second Jaywalker with delight. Here I was actually knitting a second sock! But all did not go well, when I discovered I had inadvertently ended up with two too many stitches on each needle.

I put it to one side and finally started my first Feather and fan Sock, which was going absolutely brilliantly, and the pattern was beautiful! But I somehow ended up with way more stitches than I should have had. The curse strikes again.

I am afraid to knit anything now, and so decided to finish my Angora Supreme hooded scarf, it's only been waiting 2 years to be finished. And it is now on the home stretch, I am coming down the other side of tech scarf section. But I only seem to have one needle. Back on hold, also on hold the small sized one I was going to do for Mongolia as Dulaan will go for 2007 after all!

However, I did get a copy of the new Guardian Angel booklet today and figure I may as well attempt to make something by the end of August for them, as they are after all focusing on Mongolia this year!

Then temptation struck, a new MagKnits. I am quite enamored with Rufflette, the Market Bag and the vest.

But the question remains, do I dare knit anything at all? if so what? I fear anything that involves any lace, patterning of any sort and colour changes even if only stripes. Perhaps garter stitch in one colour? Maybe a scarf with no shaping or decreasing required?

Until next time,
A scared red headed knitter and not afraid to hide!


2paw said...

Oh no!!! Someone has stolen your knitting mojo. It sounds like sabotage to me!!! I recommend a lot of chocolate and wrestling cute guys!!!

Katie said...

I suggest a dish cloth, who cares if you stuff that up. But you must not, under any circumstances, let the knitting think it's beaten you, show it who's boss!