Saturday, August 19, 2006

Call For Submissions of Interest!

Today dear readers, I am seeking some input. It is time I became a more rounded person, with less sharp corners, so I need to expand my interests and hobbies.

To start with I have cooking, knitting, recycling and pole dancing. And pirates of course. And the overwhelming need to be the supreme ruler of the world and most awesome bar wench ever.

But I kind of need something more, I need some inspiration, I was discussing with Ms Stash over hot chocolate about my need for this today.

In conclusion I need something that is un-naff un-twee disorganised aloneness. Any suggestions????

Ms Stash suggested yoga, which is very good, because I like yoga and it doesn’t involve organised team sport – bah!

And it’s kind of normal. Everybody does yoga now, not just longhaired tree dwelling unwashed hippies.

It’s very exciting, Ms Stash is cooking her way through the latest Kylie Kwong book. Unfortunately I was working the night she made the Mongolian Beef, but she has promised to make it for me again. We’re also going to have Crispy Prawns with Honey and Garlic Sauce, yum!

But tonight we are having Beef in Oyster Sauce one of my all time fave dishes.

Asian cooking has all ways been a passion of mine, spanning the region from Indonesia up and across to India and China.

Japanese cooking is something I know very little about, I think because for a long time it was so unknown and unavailable. The Asian cookbooks expanded slowly beyond Chinese into other cuisines but Japan was one of the last areas. Which means I own not one Japanese cookbook. Not a single one!

I actually bought myself some Soba Noodles (organic to boot) so as to make Nigella’s soba noodle dish from Forever Summer, which I haven’t got around to as it’s served cold and well I just can’t come at cold noodles at the moment. I want my food to be at least warm.

Speaking of Nigella I am planning to make some more of her dishes from Forever Summer as I have tracked an obscure liqueur. It was so exciting when I found it I e-mailed the Green Woman and waxed lyrical because I knew she could empathise with my excitement.

I treated myself to a new DVD on Tuesday; it’s one of the Simpson’s Classics series. They usually have about four episodes on them and are titled by the sort of theme they are put into. This one is the Dark Secrets of the Simpsons it was only $10 and it has what has to be one of my all time fave episodes.

When none other than three people of notoriety all came to Springfield, Leonard Nimoy along with Mulder and Scully!!!

Now we are actually having a mini Chinese banquet, beef in oyster sauce followed by chicken and cashews all washed down with some very lovely Tasmanian cider.

Absolutely delicious!

Well tonight is Dr Who night, so I must go and prepare myself. Get into my slippers, make a coffee and find something worthy of nibbling. What to follow a mini Chinese banquet with? Hmmm, I'm thinking of mushrooms on toast while I watch Parky though, Bette Middler is on tonight. Wouldn't mind seeing what she has to say for herself.

Until next time,
A bona fide red head and damn proud of it.


metal and knit said...

Well you could take up art or as I have phototgraphy i just wander as needed. I dont like crowds so i wander off camera in hand and go for it. I then put them in to the local shows. I also dabble with writting music but my brass band march will never get finished as I forget what comes to me wheni get the time to write it out

Chinese food yum never had tassie cider but mm wish i could be invited over for some.

2paw said...

Origami?? That is Japanese and a lone venture. Or Ikebana. Bag Pipe playing is a lone occupation by virtue of the noise!! Yoga is good, or Tai Chi, scrapbookin' too. You could be a VPA. That's cool. Bonsai( (Bless you)
Oh such lovely food and Yes!! Limoncello rules OK!!!!MacGyver was in The Simpsons a few weeks ago, hiding his Latino heritage behind blue contact lenses!!!

msfortuknit said...

Fantastic tastes as always! You know what is fantastic to practice along with yoga is thai chi!
You eat really great by the way and have great taste in food now im starving!
Cheers Suz'
Kisses and Misses