Sunday, August 13, 2006

Denny Crane! and THE Matt Hardy's Day Out at the Knitting Coven

The long awaited sequal to the boys day out at the cinema has now fianlly with bloggers help come to plan!

Upon arriving at the Knitting Coven, Denny secured himself a luncheon invitation from a beautiful lady in green.

"Denny Crane! Pleased to meet you beautiful lady! Would you mind passing some of that fish over here?"

Meanwhile the best THE Matt Hardy could secure was a gig modeling half finished socks much to his displeasure.

"Damn that Denny Crane! Vengence shall be mine! GRRR ARRGGGHH!!!"

Vengence took place when THE Matt Hardy challenged Captain Denny to one of my fave types of matches - a COFFIN match!! Which also included a popular theme from womens wrestling, a food stuff.

I present to you the Mintie Coffin Match of Doom!

In the very black, black, angry corner THE Matt Hardy. The challeneger!
"Grrr Arrrgghhh!"

In the very fetching Trekking outfit is the challengee, Captain Denny!
"Denny Crane! I will sign autographs after!"

Ding ding! First bell indicating the start of the round and Denny has come up with a cunning plan to outmanouvre the troll man and escape his angry clutches....

"Take that! Think you can outsmart Denny Crane? I'm a lawyer dammit!"

Ding ding! Bring out your dead! Ding ding! Bring out your dead!

The match concludes when the crafty Captain Denny slams the lid of the coffin closed on the angry troll man!

And your winner! And champion of the Mintie Coffin Death Match is......DENNY CRANE!!!!!!

Much applause from the onlookers, or at least much laughing.

"Denny Crane! Pleased to meet you beautiful lady! You know I seem to meet lots of beautiful ladies here today....what the?????"

"Grr Arrghh! You lollygagger! Think stuffing me in a coffin would stop me? Vengence shall be mine! AH HA HA HA AH HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!"

Oh dear I fear the angry troll man may have gone mad.

"Look here! I'll teach you to terrorise pretty ladies. And more imprtantly how dare you interrupt me while talking to pretty ladies! I'm going to trap you in this escape pod and jetson you into space and then well see if you can come back!"

"Grr Arrggh! I'll be back!! From the future and get you! And your little dog!"

Ohhh nooooo! Will Captain Denny be able to rid our world of the evil troll man? Or will the evil troll man return as promised???

Stay tuned! We will bring you more reports as they come to hand. Next tonight we have a report on a flying saucer which landed on the front lawn of.......


Fifi said...

This all happened at the Knitting Coven? Why do I miss all the exciting ones?

You know, I have always regretted not going back for the Mr Spock action figure, but seeing the evil clutchs my good Captain has fallen into, perhaps it's for the best.

2paw said...

My word what exciting adventures, but what about the little dog???
Death by Coffin'?? He might need some butter menthols, that would save him!! I love your photo stories!!!

metal and knit said...

I want more please love these tales

love the coffin of minties soounds like my knitting bag of sweeties

fitknit said...

Yeh, but can they knit????

(Love the fight scene, by the way)

Sharon said...

Let anyone say that knitting is boring!!!

amanda j said...

The picture of Mr Hardy holding those needles is hysterical. It's moments like those . . .

msfortuknit said...

You have such a blast at your knitin's~

Im so glad that you have such a fantastic bunch to k-nit with!

MrsDrWho said...

Denny Crane.

Who would ever have thunk it. After the particularly horrible white short sleeved uniform fiasco all those years ago you wouldnt think he could make a come back.
Is it my imagination or is James Spader morphing into the body image of William Shatner?

Denny Crane