Sunday, August 06, 2006

Whoo hoo! Me time!

Yes, that's right I have a few days to myself, so I intend to use it to do borign things like catch up on my washing and ironing. Maybe do a litttle baking...I have two new books on baking!

And of course some sock work I will have some pictures forthcoming. Very exciitng. I have started, drum roll please!

The very first Skull Sock of Fury! So quake with fear puny mortals!

I wil also catch up with some e-mails and some blogs I have to catch up with. See what everyone else is doing.

NOw is time for Mushrooms on Toast, I've already ahd it four times this week buta fifth should be good.

Until next time,
A bona fide red head and damn cold!


2paw said...

Oh, new cook books!! Tell more!!!!! Yum, mushrooms on toast - I like them with grilled bacon and tomato!!!
Happy sock!!

metal and knit said...

Must be the time for baking

msfortuknit said...

Cant wait to see the sox Suz'! Tell me about mushroom toast, it sounds yummy!?

Sharon said...

Looking forward to seeing the sock and I am assuming we will see you tomorrow!!

Yum Mushrooms on toast.