Thursday, August 31, 2006

Now I'm Pissed!

I worte a rivetign post, included losts of fun links, and what happens it got eaten!!!

Not happy, to top it off, instead of bar work last night which I htought would be nice and safe since I had to go and be sliced and diced yesterday afternoon. No I ende upon the floor having to look after people, didn't do a very good job of it, probably because I was in pain. But Wonder Owman as I shall thinkof her was workign the tables near mine so she was able bodies and minded and very helpful. Usually when I was stranded at the bar waiting for someone to tak emy order, then make it, and then come ack to the table with it, and the other table would have probably decided they wanted somehting.

I just couldn't function last night. I have done three tables before and it was fab, did two last time and it was kind of dull. Got two last night and I wanted to be anywhere but there.
Ah well I'm in Scullery tonight, where no one can hear me scream!

A bonafide pissed off and very angry redhead.


2paw said...

Losing posts ONLY happens when you write something especially good, insightful and witty I have found!! Hope the slicing and dicing was not too traumatic!!! Hope you are in the Scullery with Mulder!!!

Sharon said...

Blogger is having a moment again obviously, more often than not lately it wont let me post photos grrrr!!

Cathy said...

The dratted blogger bug strikes again.

Hopefuuly tonight goes a lot better in the scullery.