Monday, August 21, 2006

How exciting!

Further proof that I need to get out more.

We use these very fab syrups in the bar produced by a French company called Monin. Well the label on the bottle bears a web address, a uick visit, a referal to the Australian importer, from there to his Tasmanian distributer and I know now where I can buy them from locally.

Monin syrups are all non-alcoholic and come in a variety of flavours. The importer here has 71 flavours available, I don't know if that's the full range I may have to double check the French site.
But a couple of the drinks I've made, use these syrups and I am super keen to recreate them at home.

See? See how it all comes out? I sit at home making drinks!

Of ocurse the fact that I find I have little in common to converse with my fellow classmates on is eased by the fact that I am one of the most anti-social creatures of all.
I am a non-smoker!

I find I lack the motivation to go and sit with the smokers, mainly because I can't stand the smell, secondly why should I freeze my arse off on the cold boogelly days? Thirdly, I prefer to eat my lunch while not being assulted by cigrette smoke.

However having said that, I want on that balcony in Boston! To be on that balcony with a stiff drink, a cigar and James Spader (and of course we can't forget Denny Crane!).
You know as shaming as it is to admit it, oh wait you all know I sit at home drinking, William Shatner never did all that for me. But now, I do believe it's the power of those two words!
I don't know what turns me on more James Spader or those now infamous words "Denny Crane!". I can't help but think of Monty Python and their Holy Grail and the Knights who wanted a shrubbery when I think of infamous words that entertain me greatly!

Season one of Boston Legal is being advertised in all the catalogues, you know I'm going to have to have it.

Until next time,
A bona fide red head and damn proud of it.
(On a side note I have to create a cocktail so as to pass my advanced bar wenching, I will say this much now. It will be called the Redhead's Revenge - I shan't disclose the secret ingredient just yet. The walls have ears you know!)


2paw said...

In the latest SFX someone ELSE thinks James Spader is morphing inot William Shatne too. I have Limoncello, I have Limoncello!! Thank you. We had a cocktail yesterday!!! Smokers? No way would I sit with them either!!!
Looking forward to the Brenda Star Mixed Drink!!!!!!!

Sharon said...

James Spader has always been very yummy, the look together with that accent *sigh*

I hate cigarette smoke!!!

We will discuss the market at the knitting coven, are you going to be there? otherwise email me, I don't have your email addy.

metal and knit said...

mmm rather find a nice on campus cafe and eat there with nice hot cuppa and yummy food.

MMM but breakfast with the boys would be mine.

cocktails mmm ill have a coffee version with asyryp invention.

fitknit said...

Can't wait for the cocktail, being of the red persuasion myself!

MrsDrWho said...

Non alcholic??? I dont understand the concept.
Allan Shore will end up being Denny carefully...even some of the mannerisims (as well as the waistlines) are the same....morphing has begun.

amanda j said...

Yes, Denny and Alan are one of the only saving graces of Monday. Everyone should have a friend like that.

Smokers suck. Get it?

msfortuknit said...

What season are they on by you regarding boston legal? I love that show! I have to record them and watch like 3-5 at a time! hahah
You sound so happy Suz'!