Monday, November 20, 2006

Today, today dear readers I slipped into Corporate Hell! It was agonising, and I don't think I was alone there was a general slumpiness in the room like everybody realised there worst nightmare had come true they had also slipped into Corporate Hell!

Then we got to go and watch the real people at work, which was incredibly interesting and I can't wait till I get to do it. It suddenly made me unslumpy and totally change my mind about never going back.

The DWC will be pleased I have promised him at long last digital television. Of course he's excited, which is why I am doing it.

I worked on the Feather and Fan Sock last night, I do pattern repeat only one at a time to be sure it all goes well.
It's looking good so far, however haven't taken it to work yet. I don't know there would be enough time.

Or enough brain power!

Until next time,


metal and knit said...

Keep at it it will get better it just takes till you take live calls on your own to make it all sink in.

Anonymous said...

The first day is always the most difficult, and you have already done that! It is all uphill from there.

Sharon said...

I have been absent from blogland both in posting and reading and look what I missed out on!!

Good for you Suzi, oh and stuff the shoes, just think of all the yarn you can now buy ;)

msfortuknit said...

Im with the ladies! Thank the goddess for yearn!

Kisses dolly!