Sunday, November 26, 2006

Tomorrow is the begining!

Of the second week. Our very excellent trainer was whisked away and we needed a stop gap Friday, well she wasn't from our area and she was about to go away for a week. I don't think her heart was really in it, which was quite a come down from our super trainer.

We'll see what this week holds. More excitement perhaps? One can but hope.

Haven't done a lot of knitting, but now everything is more familiar and less draining I'm hoping to resume work this week.
A few rows on the Feather and fan Sock and some rows on the Whitewater Wristwarmer. All set for winter or work currently, that air conditioning while nice can get a wee bit chilly.

People keep talking about Christmas! I am trying to avoid a secret santa at work. Aside form the fact that I don't really know anyone yet, I am so opposed to these wretched things.
I'd sooner donate the money to charity.

I'm about to disappear, search for chocolate, move mountains and set a trap for Matt Hardy (shouldn't be hard he thinks Lord of the Rings is a sci-fi movie) SSSSHHHHHH!!! We're hunting Matts!

Final thought! Mum look away now! Can anybody vouch for any of the local tattoo studios? I'm seeking mother passable, no tattoo studios aren't really mother passable in general as there usually dens of inequity and white slavers and opium dealers...but you know what I mean dear readers!


2paw said...

Have no idea about tattoos, sorry!!! Look for someone with tattoos and ask them maybe???
I watched the extras for POTC 2 yesterday!! How cool were they??? VERY!!!
I am sure you will need Winter hand attire!!
Maybe Matt is MrsDrWho's Dishcloth?????

Katt said...

Adam could probably vouch for the tattoo parlor out mowbray..thats where he got his first one done and it still looks good...

Though..Hayden Cai (of Hoong Fatt area) does them..Adam said he will probably get Hayden to do his next one if he gets more..and the piccies Hayden shows of his are GREAT..he does some GORGEOUS tattoos!!