Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Tomorrow I have to talk to real customers, I would ideally like another week to figure out what I am suppsoed to be doing and how it all hangs together before I start trying to cope with real live people. Eeep!

On a up note I bought the latest Jo Sharp Knit Issue 2, Simply Knitting and Filati magazines today so a bit of reading there, I've had a quick flick and seen a lot of stuff I like.

Teh latest Oxygen e-newsletter popped into my Inbox yesterday and I was instantly taken with a recipe for Chicken Ceaser Wraps. Seemed like a yummy recipe and something to take into work. Soem times it can be hard to find ideas, really there's only so many vegemite sandwichs you can face!

I'm counting downt he days till Friday, I can't wait for the weekend to be here! Get some much needed and desired sleep. Maybe even get some more knitting done. I am determined to get this second Whitewater Wristwarmer completed as that is the pair then done.

Until next time,


2paw said...

Oh good luck with the real people, I know you will be wonderful!!! Happy Knitting reading, I have the Holiday Vogue and the recipe looks yummy!! I might sign up for the newsletter!!!

Anonymous said...

You will find that most real people are really nice. And you can always 'accidentally' hang up on those that aren't. Hmm, maybe that's why I took so long to pass a certain probation at a certain call centre!