Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Dr Who Deadline and OMG! Needles

Yes, I am on a deadline. I hope to have a Dr Who (Tom Baker) style scarf finished for my sister before the Tom Baker series starts. I hope, but in reality I'll be lucky if it's done by the end of the Tom Baker season.
Here's the first and last picture I did showing the progress of the scarf, I've done some more work since (Monday) then so will add a more up-to-date pic soon!

I was in Spotlight this afternoon, fruitlessly searching for Magnum 8ply in black. If I'd wanted 5 or 12ply there was plenty but not a ball of 8ply black to be had. At least in Magnum, I can only presume there has been a sudden rush on black 8ply?
But all was not lost I picked up my lay-by which has a Patons Stress Relief Kit in it, I got one whose yarn colour is called "Pewter" looks absolutely divine slightly metalic and is a Patons yarn (50% tencel 50% acrylic). It dosen't actually name what this yarn is however, but it feels fantastic! I'll take a picture and post it later for you all to see.

Also on my lay-by were my BIG needles, a pair of 12mm and the Oh My! 20mm. There are bigger available, they are 25mm. But alas I do not have any projects for them. At the time I made my lay-by size 15mm could not be had for money or more money in my local Spotlight. Much to my disappontment, why do they never have what I want?

I bought the 12mm for a scarf I wanted to make but was trying to dechiper American yarn gauge's so as to pick something to make it with but since then I have seen countless patterns using 12mm. The 20mm I bought for a wrap, (probably best for summer as it would only work for decoration as opposed to warmth) along with some Caressa. Which isn't the colour I rememebr it being.
I originally downloaded the pattern for the wrap from the Spotlight website, but have since found out it comes from the Get Creative series - Let's Start Knitting booklet. Retails at $2.99 but I purchased mine while there was 20% off all patterns. It includes instructions for learning to knit and 8 FREE patterns. Yes, free. How are they free I ask you? You have to buy the booklet to get them!
Future projects made with 20mm are a little harder to find but I have seen a couple of ideas.

Am I the only person who likes the idea of knitting with really huge needles? This has been my goal since I started knittng and one of the reasons I kept going. Aside from the fact that it's just so cool of course.

And my final thought for you today? Is it safe to share your needles?

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Katt said...

Your pic didnt work sob sob..

Good luck with the Dr Who scarf..I will try and remember to crack my whip when I am there on Saturday ;)