Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Greetings earthlings! Take me to your leader....

Welcome one and all to my very first blog! Perhaps I should explain how Darkside of Knitting came about, I was thinking of starting an album over at my MSN group SNB - Launceston of some of my more unusual projects. As you can probably see from my description I have a desire to knit things with a skull motif.

Another thing that prompted the idea was a current project I am working on, I call it the Insomniac Scarf. All that time I lie staring into the darkness waiting for sleep....no more shall I waste my precious time doing that! I decided to pick a simple project I can keep beside my bed to work on during those sleepless nights. It's a basic rib scarf, I figured I needed something simple with a repetitve pattern (K2 P2) to help me get to sleep. It works!

Back to the skull motif, I had found a felted bag pattern at Glampyre.com (I'll check the site's address) with fair isle skulls.
The other day while looking for something else entirely I found a site called helloyarn.com, where in their free pattern section I found a Mini Skull & Crossbones Tote, a Felted Knitting Tote (featuring skull & crossbones) and the Skull Socks of Fury. I am one very happy girl.

As you can probably gather from the title of this post aliens and Elvis will probably fit into it all as well. As any fan of MIB knows, Elvis isn't dead he just went home!

I shall leave you now with that thought, until next time.

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Katt said...

I was wondering when you were going to come over to the blogside ;) Great to see you here! And some shameless promoting here!
Anyone who wants to check out my Blog here is a link