Friday, August 27, 2004

Friday's Favourites!

Today I decided to write about my favourite fictional knitters. I'm sure everybody must a have at least one? Well I have four.

Miss Marple - I admire the fact that despite the mounting number of bodies this little old lady can continue to knit something (I have recollections of it usually being pink and fluffy), while solving the mystery.

Mrs Weasley - Harry Potter fans will be familiar with Mrs Weasley and her knitted picture jumpers! She is an inspiration to all knitters who have had their knitted gifts looked upon with less enthusiasm than with what they were made.

Madame Defarge(?) - I'm not sure if that's the correct spelling of her name, but this woman is infamous. And should be revered by knitters everywhere, she clearly paved the way for knitting in public!

Morticia Addams - So cool, calm and collected. Must have been from all the knitting she did. How could you not love Morticia? Or the rest of the Addams family for that reason. She made it in here because not only do I love her but she's also a knitter.

And now for another Friday favourite - Favourite Free Pattern. It's another from
Magknits - it's called Sheer Poncho. It's a poncho with a cowl neck that can be lifted up and worn as a hood. And since it is Friday (hot date night), if you've been asked out on the town at the last minute by Johnny Depp/Vin Diesel/Matt Hardy/Orlando Bloom and your thinking ARRRGGHHH! I don't have time to go home and change, fear not! Your very handy poncho you wore out over your work getup (because it's cold in the mornings!) can be converted into a dress. Then all that's left is to re-apply the lippy (hopefully one of those super stay-on ones because lippy all over your face is not attractive) and your done.

Which brings us to the thought for the day.
If your going to Paris for the weekend do you really think you'll be back in time for work Monday?

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