Sunday, August 29, 2004

Is that the time?!?!?!?!

Time has just flown today. Well today will be a progress report. I finished all the knitting on the Guardian Angel jacket yesterday and started to sew ends in last night. The rest of the ends were sewn in today, and I have left it with my mother to sew it all together. Tuesday is the deadline, provided everything goes well I should make it!

Today I did some more work on the Dr Who scarf, slowly slowly, I am getting there. Also yesterday I knitted up the front bands on my latte cosy. Only loops and buttons to go!

All this progress is a good sign. I am going to go and see what other long lost UFO can be completed or almost completed. I am trying to refrain starting any new projects until I can get some of these others out the way. I intended to start my wrap once the GA jacket was complete. Perhaps I should strike while the iron is hot? I have a tea cosy in progress which is about a quarter done. It's a Licorice Allsort tea cosy (comes from the Panda website).

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