Thursday, August 26, 2004

Monks, Cobwebs and Stress Relief

When looking at them next to each other it doesn't seem all that weird a combination. But first on to the Stress Relief, this was the Patons kit I picked up yesterday.

While reading the pattern through, you need to cast on and do 5 rows of garter stitch before starting the "pattern" (18 rows). I thought that's easy to do, so I cast on and I knitted my 5 was easy. Too easy! And very hard to put down, the yarn is absolutely divine to knit with! It's unnamed, but with some research into the knitting pages (usually page 9) from previous Spotlight catalogues I see that Patons Zhivago is a tencel/acrylic mix. I wonder?

Yes, I keep the knitting page from the catalogue. It can be an invaluable source of information, such as normal price for balls of yarn, needle sizes to use and what the yarn is actually made from. I also love yarn stores that supply shade cards and/or price lists for yarn. I can sit in the comfort of my own home, reading my latest knitting book/magazine and think I'd like to make that, but what colour? How much will it cost if I get it from here? Or is here cheaper?

Where was I? Oh, in front of the computer. Over at a very cool site called Magknits ( I discovered a pattern called Cobweb. It's a semi-circular shawl, a lovely lacey number. I can't quite remember the exact yarn used, except it was kid mohair blend. But one of the suggested alternate yarns is Rowan Kidsilk Haze. I have never personally knitted with Rowan but have heard about Rowan patterns and yarns from fellow knitters who are to put it bluntly a bit obsessed.
Rowan is an English yarn, so not cheap to buy here in Australia. Although the number of shops that stock varying brands of English yarn is prolific, and I have to admit a little flight of fantasy has overtaken me here. This shawl has gone on my future projects list, and it really is a must make because dear readers I have to find out if Rowan really is as good as everybody thinks. Only so I can tell you, you all understand of course.

While surfing the net I downloaded from somewhere (I have no idea where now) an excerpt from a recently released book called Folk Bags. It was reviewed in one of the last two issues of Creative Knitting magazine.
It's the pattern for the Monk's Travel Satchel, the name intrigued me which was why I followed it up and I'm glad I did because the picture of it is very cool!
The bag design is based on bags used by Buddhist (I presume, since it's from Nepal or am I confusing them with Tibet?) monks to carry their possessions as they travel.

It's that time again, the thought for the day is..........a story about Buddha I read somewhere. Buddha is sitting talking to a group of people, a man comes up and is angry because his wife has gone to see Buddha. I can't remember all the details of what was said and happened inbetween the start and the end but Buddha said to the man I choose to leave your anger with you. If anybody else knows where the full details of this story are please let me know! But I think when talking about stress relief this makes an important point, choose to leave other people with their anger. You'll be stressed less!

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