Friday, May 13, 2005

A bit of blog housekeeping.

I have been a bit slack in my update of my blog, and I know I haven't replied to some people's comments.

So to start with, Cathy - the pussy cat in question is Angel she is almost if not already there (hmm?) 10.

Cindy 2paw - I got my copy of Interweave from Birchalls in the Mall.

Speaking of knit mags, has anybody seen the new Vogue Knit 1 out anywhere? Or another new knit thing the second SNB book - Stitch N' Bitch Nation?

Anonymous - I'm not a good speller but I'm also not
Also I was wondering do you stuff your own shirts?

I bought new Matt Hardy today - which is exciting but sad because it was his last PPV before he got fired. I promise now I have new Matt, to be marginally less cranky, knit more and just maybe not make as many edible homages to certain parts of the male anatomy. Just maybe.

Until next time,
A bona fide bad spelling red head and damn proud of it.


shell said...

I would like to read the anon's blog and see how perfect their spelling is. Good on ya Suzi for telling them what's what!

Cathy said...

As I said on 2paws & my blog get off your high horse anonymous.

If someone can't sign their name they should not have the indecency to critisize others. They aren't perfect either.

Good blog entry Suzi and I think Angel is a cute puss.


2paw said...

Suzi, thanks for that, I will go to Birchalls over the weekend and search it out. The new SnB Nation isn't here in Australia yet - I looked at a couple of mainland book sites. I have asked the Library to order it.
Is this the Vogue magazine?
Because I saw it at the newsagency in Kings Meadows !!!, the one on the main street just down from Esme's. I saw it there early this week!!! It had a green long cardi ( I love green!!!) in it, but the rest of the pattern were not for me!!!
Harki-Parki-Parker-Posey and
Peri Naughty the Golden Labradors

Sharon said...

I agree with Cathy if you are going to criticise someone at least have the decency to leave your name.

Katt said...

As I said in Cathys....This oooooh so 'perfect' annonymous who gets all grammer correct made an idiot of themselves when they put "learn the difference between words like to, too, and too" they put TOO twice..and never once put TWO! LOSERS!! I dont blame you for being agro..TOSSERS!


spirals said...

i once had a person leave a comment on my blog saying that my grammar was bad.... turns out it was my little 10 year old know it all sister... before i found out i wrote a very pissed off post... i deleted it immediately after i found out it was her... i put a statement when i first started my blog saying that i do not believe in using capital letters and proper punctuation and such.. it is my right to write however i want... i like using periods tho... can you tell... hahaha. anyways. onward soldier defend our rights to screw the english language however we want to... its our write! (man i crack myself up)