Wednesday, May 11, 2005

How much of a nanna?

I think it's all becoming a bit to nannerish for my own good, knitting is one thing, but I think I'm becoming a nanna. I bought the latest (or latest I've seen) Interweave knits and mainly because I liked the Bear Claw Blanket and Amsih Oval Rug.

There very Nannerish, maybe if I change the colours? I was watching Tom Jones with the Invalid (my mother) last night, I don't think changing the colours will help me.

Speaking of the Invalid (my mother), she was goign to a function with a friend tommorrow morning but because of her operation decided not to go, but she thought I could go instead. My mother thinks I need something presentable to wear, so I said I'd buy a new skirt - I could always do with another black skirt. So I buy the skirt today, and then relise that even my more presentable tops are going to look less than briliant in comparsion. I couldn't find a nice top, so I bought a knit jacket/cardy thing. I thought I could wear it over one of my tops I already own. Which was all well and good, but while doing some shopping for my mother I saw a top in another store, nice plain blue one. Most of the tops I'd seen prior to this had motifs, or print or sequins or something all over them. So I bought the top as well, may as well have one "complete" decent outfit in my wardrobe to bring out when needed - as opposed to schellping about as a bag lady.

I see my mother tonight, and she tells me the friend who she was going to the function with has RSVP'ed and said she'll come on her own because my mother told her already she wasn't coming.
Now, if my mother was not an invalid I would have given into the urge to say "YOU MEAN I SPENT MY ALICE COOPER TICKET MONEY ON AN OUTFIT I DON'T REALLY NEED?"

Until next time,
A bona fide red head and damn proud of it.


Cathy said...

What a bummer. Fancy paying all that money on spiffy new clothes and not being able to wear them. And spending your Alice Cooper ticket money on them too.

Double bummer.


Anonymous said...

the spelling mistakes really detract from the content. please use spellcheck, and learn the difference between words like to, too, and too....there and they're and their.

when words are the medium, spelling is VERY important!!

2paw said...

Dear Suzi, I saw the ad for Alice Cooper and was weirded out by the fact I knew all the songs!! Obviously I must be a closet fan. Who knew???? I must confess that in my whole life I have only ever been to one concert : Sherbet at the Town Hall in Hobart. It was far too noisy and smoky!!!! Where did you buy your Interweave magazine?? I think I neeeeeed one.