Saturday, May 21, 2005

The Naughty Knitter is in Charge but not as Large.

Yes, I'm still admiring my ever diminishing butt. It really is very fabulous.

I'm sorry to report that it's too cold to knit, well that's my excuse anyway. I haven't got any closer to doign anything. It might be possible I hate everything I have.

I got my Guardian Pharmacy catalog in my letterbox yesterday and it had the advert for the Guardian Angel program starting the first of June. I will have to get organised and get in early this year. I missed out on my badge last year as they had run out by the time I got my item in. Yes, just one. But at lest I made something for that much I can be proud.

I know there has been some discussion at SNB about our Dulaan effort - I must organise to get it packaged ready to send off. It's been amazing how many people have donated to it.
I'd like to thank Cathy, Sharon, Margaret, Sandra, Linda (and friend), Joyce and myself of course! I'm sure all our hard work will be well appreciated.

Cindy I never thought of asking a newsagent about ordering the magazines - there are at least three in close proximity to my work in town and I'm out at the K-Mart at least once a fortnight if not twice. My quest for knitting magazines may be over. They was quite a choice in most newsagents now I'm lucky to find one that stocks anything other that Creative Knitting and Jo Sharp's Contemporary Knitting Issues.

Until next time,
A bona fide red head and damn proud of it.


2paw said...

Dear Suzi, I have been ordering magazines since 1984!! The newsagency in the dark depths of Savage River had never heard of a Burda or a Neue Mode, but they were ordering demons. I have found that I apparently like magazines that are not usually in shops, or sell quickly. You must do it : peace of mind , you never miss out!!!!! I have almost caught up on all the knitting I undid last night. It is like getting your eyes pecked out by an eagle......

Katt said...

I have that beanie to hand off to you too! I will come in tomorrow and bring it in for you.