Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Proof of Life.

It is very cold, and just to prove I'm still alive - and am not sitting frozen into a human icy pole clutching knitting needles between frost bitten fingers - here is my post!

The only thing knitting related I have done is work on the Faux Fur scarf. Which incidently is knitted on 4.5mm needles, I am hoping in a deluisional way of finishing it soon and using the needles to finish the Angora Supreme without then having to purchase more 4.5mm. Genius! Or maybe the cold is getting to me.

I cruised the video store today, not a copy of Blade: Trinity or elektra could be had. But I managed however to snag one of the last copies of the Lemony Snickets movie off the shelf and I also got Resident Evil: The Apocolypse. I haven't seen the first RE but thought about renting it when it first came out. My main motivator today was because it had Milla Johvich - who was the the Fifth Element in the movie The Fifth Element. I do love that movie and Milla is a very cool chick.
Tonight is movie veiwing night and to go with it I have Hot Chocolate and Pepperment Areo block, yep a whole block. You got bonus Fly Buys if you bought a block of Nestle chocolate with your packet of Hot Chocolate.

Until next time,
A bona fide chocaholic red head and damn proud of it.


Cathy said...

Oh yummy!!!!!!!!

Nestle hot chocolate and Mint aero chocolate.

I have a bar of Rolo chocolate that I bought for myself today.

I also bought a bar of Nestle Mud Truffle and one of Coconut Eclair for DH as they were all on special at Woolies for $2.49 a bar.


Sharon said...

Oooohh that sounds yummy, there is nothing better on a cold night to sit down with a hot chocolate and a big block of chocolate.