Thursday, April 20, 2006

New Simply Knitting?

I got the new Simply Knitting today, at least I think it's new. It's the one with the stitch markers, I thought we were a month behind but are we in fact two?

Anyway some nice designs, some of the colours did nothing for me. That pink and green number, I don't know if I like it or hate it.

I went op shopping with my fellow SnBer Sandra this afternoon, we picked up two pairs of Clover needles (some sort of wood, maybe bamboo?), a pair of the Casein ones Sandra likes, two pairs of Pony Pearls, a couple of pairs of the old Beehive pearly type needles, an even older pair of 5mm, a crochet hook and what I believe is a cable needle (it's like a really short double point). How much did this full on bounty cost us?


I kid you not, that included two pairs of Pony Pearls! These are my fave type of needle to work with but buying them now sees me forking out usually more than $6. They seem to have gone up since I first started buying them, well it was at least 3 years ago. Sandra was very pleased with her Casein ones, 4mm at that as well. There not cheap to buy either now.

However the wool front was disappointing, bags of mixed oddments and nothing under $6. I've got nothing against oddments, my stash is made up of other peope's oddments, scraps and leftovers. Sandra has been having a wonderful time knitting oddments up into hats and scarves ready to send to Mongolia.
Had they put the contents of two bags in one bag and been selling it for $6, I probably would have given it some serious consideration.

The pulse warmer from MagKnits, well my first fair isle and I mucked about changing my technique three times in the space of one design, so it's a little on the tight side. But on the upside I know now what not to do.

Having finished that I was restless to start something else, admitedly I probably shoudl have finished something else. But I wanted new! And exciting! I've started a wrap out of some blue fluffy stuff with a hint of sparkle through it. If it is what the packet says - wool/mohiar/nylon mix I think it is it should be quite nice.

Until next time,
A bona fide cold redhead and damn unhappy about it.


metal and knit said...

you got an absolute bargain. My local op shops ect all want $3 or more for knitting needles now so i wait and get the casin ones for a few dollars at some select wool store i get to from time to time. But my favorite are the new liteflex ones from new zealand.

Gotta love simply kniting. Nothing better than getting it then sitting at Gloria jeans with coffee cake and well my knitting mags.

Cathy said...

I'm a bit like Metal and knit as I have a few pair of liteflex needles and they're wonderful to knit with.

They have a longer point than other needles.

I also like my new pair of rosewood needles. They are a dream to knit with.


2paw said...

Excellent bargains!! I can never find anything - oh except TeddyBunnies for The Labradors.
I have the new Simply Knitting with the stitch markers. It has been a long time since the last one, maybe the ships are slow!!!

2paw said...

As promised today!!
Links :

Sharon said...

Love the skull cursor, it is so appropriate for Darkside of Knitting, I love it.

Little Purl said...

Love the cursor!!!
At our op shop the needles are really cheap, 20c a pair, but they are metal ones and, well, I prefer bamboo! And we got Simply Knitting too, isn't the Valentine cushion adorable (if a little late and fluffy)?