Friday, April 14, 2006

With all the rain today was perfect weather for knitting. The Dulaan Cloud Hat is a little furthur on, my hot water bottle cover now has a complete front. I need to search the stash for some suitable yarn to make a back for it. I wasn't certain what the yarn I was using was but comparing it to something similar in my stash with it's bands I think what I have used is none other than Cleckheaton Country Naturals 8-ply. I suspected it was a wool blend. I've got the magic touch! I can identify Unidentified Yarn at a mere touch of my fingertips!
It's also a possible this was a lucky break. Certain wools and cerain acrylics have a definate feel so you can tell them instantly.

I discovered tonight while trying to start Zombies Need Not Apply from the new MagKnits that when I printed the pattern I was missing a certain portion from the very far right side of the page. I thought it would be something like the ends of words or maybe a word or two. But in some cases it was the whole part of the sentance! I'm not quite sure how the computer processed it to print it but the layout is the same it's just the instructions have been altered slightly.
However when the pulse warmers get underway it will be a different colour scheme. Instead of black/grey/white, I am going with a black/purple/white. Making it a bit girly without going in for bows.

I have my fellow SnB covener Cindy to thank for directing me to a new site - For The Love of Yarn. I have fallen in love already with the Peace Jacket. It appeals to the tree-hugging hippie in me.

Until next time,
A bona fide hippie red head and damn proud of it.


fitknit said...

Thanks for the great links.
Glad to see another crazy, knitting redhead blogging away!

Little Purl said...

Wow, I love the snaily crochet pattern thing on For The Love of Yarn (^^,)! It is so cute...shame I can't crochet. Thanks for the link!
From Lil Purl xx
PS Happy Easter!

2paw said...

Your pulse warmers look great - very effective colours!!! The stall was good today : much less wind, fewer customers but better sales!!!

Sharon said...

Suzi, I think we all have a bit of the hippie tree hugging in us, that is a far out cool jacket, man!!!

We had fun at the market didn't we, just like a knitting coven get together, see you on Tuesday.