Sunday, May 28, 2006

It's Sunday, tomorrow then is Manic Monday...

After a lot of work that got accomplished at the market, I was able when I came home in the afternoon to finish knitting the second mitten before tea!

I am very pleased with how they came out, and even more so with how much yarn they used. I have at least half a ball of Patonyle left maybe a little less.

How many of you read the Sunday Tasmanian today? I didn't but my mother pointed out an article of interest to me and you can follow the link here.

Two words, dear readers. ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!
It's getting closer, one day I will open that pole dancing circus in Vegas or maybe I'll just take to the high seas as the all dancing all world ruling pirarte. Do you think it will matter I can't sing? Or act? Sailing on the seven seas I think will at least involve some singing and maybe the need to act brave?

Late last night I cast on my second Jaywalker. Yes, at long last I am managing to do seconds. First eh mitten, and now a sock. Only another two socks to go.

Until next time,
A bona fide red head and knitter who is completing pairs!


msfortuknit said...

They turned out great! Nice work

Sharon said...

Wow that was some super quick knitting there, no 2nd sock or mitten syndrome for you.

I'll pass on the pole dancing thing, I could imagine doing myself a nasty injury!!!

Sharon said...

Suzi or should I say Snotty Gerbil Buns junior!!! Melanies prices are US$

2paw said...

You don't need a road trip, there are poles in every street!!!! Wow, you knitted the mitten quickly!! And now a second sock too!!!
I am humming the tune now : Just another manic Monday Ooooh Ahhh....

amanda j said...

Love those mitts Suzi, I am sure they are coming in very handy. I would love to try the dancing thing, but a very dodgy shoulder might rule me out! And my vote for your lace escapades would be Ella, it's gorgeous and not a bit granny-shawlish.

metal and knit said...

good job on the mitts.

well i must admit metalhead dont dance i just sit listen and enjoy now my legs dont hold so good so i dont even mosh pit