Friday, September 01, 2006

Jeramiah Was A Bullfrog!

Well he didn't come Tuesday night to the knitting coven's 2nd Birthday evening outing. So I couldn't help him drink his wine, but I helped everyone else, Mrs M's (or should that be ex-Mrs M?) white wine very nice, some of Sharon's red wine a very nice one, we tasted some horrendous ones in class on Monday like vinegar! And can you believe these things retail for about $25 a bottle???

Finally I got to Smokey Joes! After the Green Woman taunted us for so long about the food - Chili Cheese Fries! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!
After the first failed outing, it simply got more and more excitng as Tuesday night approached. No I don't have much of a life.
My only regret? Not ordering more! I should have worn the eating pants!!

Actually I don't know what eating pants are, it's just something I keep saying to Ms Stash on various occasions and she collapses laughing saying "No! Stop it! Stop sayng it!". I won't till she gives me a shrubery, a really nice one!

For starters I had Chilli Cheese Fries and Popcorn Chicken which I shared with Ms Stash, next time I'm not sharing the Fries! Followed up by beef fajitas, they were nice. I was tempted by other things and momentarily regretted it, but when they arrived at the table I knew I had made the right choice.
I had to brandish a piece under Ms Stash's nose and say "Look! It's pink in the middle and I'm still eating it!". Actually when she made the Beef in Oyster Sauce she thought I hadn't noticed the beef was still pink in the middle, I did notice. I just didn't care.

For dessert, the very wonderful and I so should have ordered two, Muddy Creme Brulee. It was pure bliss! Then I decided to finish the night off with a Chocolate Milkshake, more like a thickshake. It was nice, a little too nice. Ms Stash ended up finishing it for me, she is very dutiful.

Mae West I think said "Too much of a good thing is wonderful", normally the only thing I put in this catergory is the Me Wah, Nigella or perhaps Ms Stash's cook-along of Kylie Kwong (that beef in oyster sauce was orgasmic!). But now Smokey Joes is going to be put in that catergory.

I enjoyed myself throughly, haven't had that good a time since I don't know when. As for everyone else, I can't speak for them, and quite honestly as much as I like them all, I really don't care.

Aside from eating beef that is pink in the middle, on Monday in class we had Laksa (chicken and prawn) and I love laksa! But we also had cherry tomatoes with pesto and boccacini, I am a late convert to pesto, good pesto that is I have had some nasty ones hence the late conversion. Also we had Mussels, didn't really taste of anything probably needed more wine when being steamed.
Marinated feta, I don't like feta it tastes like soap, but the marinated stuff was nice and I ate for the first time ever artichoke hearts! And they were nice and all, especially with the feta.
And Ceaser salad! I love Caeser Salad, the orignal not any of these new added in stuff ones.

And cavair - only the red stuff. It was on pumpernickel with egg mayonaise, didn't really taste of much except pumpernickel?

And we had some dips, standered supermarket choice. Nothing wildly exciting there.

Tuesday afternoon we had the exciting cocktail class I made a frappe Hell Froze Over, a shaken cocktail which has the boring title of Choc Orange and then a Mocktail which I am naming Death on the Beach.
I've also designed a 3 layer shooter, which I haven't tested yet, the Mad Monk. And of course my very wonderful Redhead's Revenge which needs to be finalised and perfected. I feel a trip to the supermarket.

I'll post the recipies up for anyone who is interested in trying them at home over here. (proabbly not there yet though, check back later!).

Then we had practical last night, I did not have a good day. I needed a time out, I blame the implant (really its my fault for not getting it done sooner) I think is was a shock to the system. I cried for 40 mins and I just couldn't stop, I had to see my teacher to say I would go and come back. I felt like such a fraud, but he kept asking me is something wrong, has something happened. No, I'm just not having a good day and I just need to go away.
The stupid thing is there was nothing wrong, I was just miserable for no reason.
Although haivng said that, I'm not feeling very bright this morning either.

Ah well, no class today so I can work on all my assignments. One big one on beverage knowledge I think is all it is? Wine regions, methods of making spirits ( a case for the CFI's I think!) and beer and stuff like that.
Then my tutored wine tasting, and now some stuff for my cocktails class and somethign else, I don't know? I didn't really look at them, and I wasn't haveing a real brillant night. I'll have to find them this morning and see what they are.

But so far, I actually seem to have done really well with all my assignmetns, I haven't had to redo any of the tests either. What I am very pleased about is that despite missing a week of classes last week. And not beign there to do the word lists in our food knowledge. I got all but one in the test, it was Kipfler. I knew the name but I couldn't place where I knew it from. After I handed it in, the word potato popped into my head.

But I got every other one right! All this time of not living a life has given me years and years to watch all the coking shows and read all the food magazines, and finally it hasn't been in vain!

But back to what I was actually talking about last night, I don't know maybe it was a full moon, maybe it was the final night of practical and some of us will still have class to finish off our certificates but some only had to do the practicals to finish so we won't see them now after last night so perhaps people felt it was perhaps time to say what they'd been waiting the whole time to say, I don't know, I really don't, and also I really didn't care bucause I had my own shit to deal with and try to keep together to manage last night.

It was on for young and old, one bruhaha after another. Everybody's coming out to the stillroom and scullery to have a bitch out of sight of the teachers. (If you want to know gossip, or hear who did what or who said what and who dosen't like who, the scullery is the place to linger.)
I just nodded at appropiate intervals and did my work. However last night was worse than ever, so I'm kind of glad it was the last.

I've rambled enough I think today, I'm about to go and make some breakfast and a good cup of tea. Wonder what it will be like next Friday as we're meant to be haivng a lunch together. Eeeeep!

A bonafide very tired and miserable redhead.


Sharon said...

Tuesday night was a lot of fun, even though I was extremely tired. Next time I think I would order those fries as a main, as my main didn't really do it for me :( the muddy brulee more than made up for it though :)

Sounds like you have had an interesting week, will we be seeing you on Tuesday??

metal and knit said...

Gee like the sound of the mocktails and the frappes cant wait to try them out. I was at work when I read the post first and my goth friend loves the sound of the names.