Thursday, March 29, 2007

Food again!

I had trouble downloading my e-mail last night, things just wouldn't go. So here I am first thing this morning attempting to do it again, well perhaps not first thing any longer. But I slept well last night and late this morning, fortunately I have m day to myself so far, I have to fit in Ms Stash after lunch. But she may be coming to me, so all is well.

I was hunting through a suitcase last night and discovered some new recipes I had horded away. A very easy vegetable soup, some gingerbread pikelets and my mum's beefburger risotto (yes it is very old it dates back to before I was born, back in my parents salad days!). I also have my mum's spag bol recipe but I shall have to do some converting, pounds and ounces I'm not bad on but pints are a mystery to me!

Also discovered in with the recipes I actually had a full printout of the skull illusion scarf! I also found a pattern for a knitted possum, I never knew I had that either.

I have made myself a compromise, upon finishing both my Bowhunters, I can then and only then start a pair of Knucks for myself. But until then I can wear my Whitewater Wristwarmers (they were from MagKnits for all those people who keep asking! They were also very easy.). Then after the Knucks depending on how I feel I am making the Mermaid Wristwarmers based on the Pomoto sock design.

But on the flesh front, I was highly excited because I've lost inches somehow, so I tried my beloved faded jeans on, I can actually do the button up. So I decided now was the time to make a sugar sacrifice, I've also been floundering at aerobics, I blame lack of fitness and coordination for my difficulty.
I was visiting a friend yesterday and was having a go on the new scales, I was pretty chuffed with myself so was eager to hop on and see how I was doing. I came away not chuffed with myself.
But this morning, I decided to look on the bright side, my clothes are still slightly too big for me, my thighs are now speaking to me again (the day after the last workout they decided it was too much) and my ultimate pleasing thing - I have buns of steel at the moment!!!!

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2paw said...

The Internet was really playing up last night: very boogelly all over. Telstra had some 'issues'!!
Wee done on the losing inches: fat turning into muscle explains the disparity!!! There is a pole on H&A this week!!!
Oh, what a goal oriented knitter you are now!! Happy cooking... I made some asian soup with noodles and greens and chicken and lots of ginger and soy. Yum!!!!