Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Knit Noir

It was a slow day at the office, my associate D.White decided to use this time to catch up on some valuable work....

I made a phone call to check on the Grand Dame who was an invalid yesterday, apparently she'd vanished! No one had seen her go and no one knew where she had gone. First mystery of the day disappearing dame. Second mystery was there actually anything else to drink left on my desk or would I have to seek further a field.

While pondering this and admiring my aran earwarmer on top of the speakers, very handy for chilly evenings, the Grand Dame appeared in my office. There was another dame in trouble, but when are dames not in trouble?
She'd been out to doing the rescue thing, I had been requested by the pale and interesting dame who needed rescuing.
Before I could leave the office I needed to pack the essentials. Sharp pointy sticks, lengths of yarn, camera, and most importantly of all, “Quick! Pants! I need pants! Pants!” I shouted to my associate D. White. The Grand Dame sat at my desk looking disappointed there were no papers to riffle through while we were all distracted. However she got the pleasure of looking disapprovingly at my desk status, D. White and I need a housekeeper. What we don't need is endless chatter and someone “putting things away”, we'll never see them or possibly each other again.

My final instruction to White before I left? Man the fort, get cash up front and don't turn the stereo up!

I arrived at the pale and interesting dame's home, I was greeted by her attack feline. Who was all friends till the Grand Dame tried to leave, then I mostly tried not to touch things so I wouldn't bleed on them. “I have band aids” whispers the P&ID. Surely a cat muzzle would be cheaper I muse? Still beggars can't be choosers, chicken ceaser salad does not buy itself. I investigated the bottom shelf at the back of the fridge, turfed some tenants who had outstayed their lease. Watched the unexplained be explained, fetched drinks for the P&ID.

And now at the end of the day? A summary of other cases waiting to be closed.

This is the horrible baby jacket! I hate it so!

These are the long awaited and completed Whitewater Wristwarmers! Yeah!


2paw said...

Huzzah!! 2 of a thing!! Hope everyone is feeling better and D White does look spiffy!!! Pants??? I am too afraid to ask!! You were both missed, but I have watched 6 episdoes of West Wing Season 1!!!!

Sharon said...

I like those wristwarmers, very nice.

Missed you and Margaret up our end of the table on Tuesday :(