Saturday, March 24, 2007

How To Be A Domestic Goddess

Well Nigella may have written the book with that title, but I have been living it today. I have made 8 Date and Walnut Rolls, a One Cup Cake and a half batch of chocolate crackles. And I almost forgot the batch of Gingerbread Muffins I made!

There is a fair tomorrow and my CWA branch is having a stall so I have been busy baking for it. My contribution is at least done ready.

I decided to put the recipes up over at the Inn, and also add in one of fave classics Curried Meatballs which has a real retro vibe to it. And an even more retro I found while looking for the meatballs was a Crockpot Curry! Now that is going back, however I am to purchase a 'crockpot' of my very own yet, you can still buy them all marketed as slow-cookers now of course. And I have had my eye on a particular model for some time.

So I am feeling a little retro as baking as such is usually seen as a bit of a forgotten art. Most magazines if they feature it, make it look like if you've made a muffin from scratch you must be superwoman or they have fancy fiddly bits. But when they unearth classics such as a scone or a basic sponge it's like they've found the ark and resurrected these pieces of ancient history. They were always there! It just became unfashionable to bake, kind of like knitting, however I notice crochet is starting to get a bit more air time now as well.

I shall have to become a neo-50's housewife with my slow cooker, retro recipes and knitting! I've decided the time has come when I shall reclaim the proud mantle of 'housewife', I mean after all bitch has been reclaimed and is worn like a badge of honour by many. Why can't I wear housewife with the same pride???

I think I will start a new branch of feminisim after that, I shall cook, clean, pole dance and knit to my heart's content all why earning my own keep! Bah to all the others, although according to Miss Stash, there are a number of schools of thought on feminisim, maybe I won't need to start my own after all, there's probably one out there fo rme! However, none of them actually agree with what the other one is saying! Hardly surprising.

That infamous line "If women ran the world...." If women really ran the world we'd be no better off, there'd be equally as many factions vying for power. Instead of warfare, we'd be relying on rumour mills and two facedness with the other factions who we are 'friends' with. There'd still be starving children in Africa, religious differences, crime and pollution.

As Debbie Stoller wrote, why is it women doing well at women's work is not applauded? For a woman to go out an do well in carpentry and plumbing, then she's a hero because she has done well in men's work. Why is our work lesser?


2paw said...

It is true, we don't always value what we do as important. Our achievements as women, whatever they be, are to be celebrated and not measured against the achievements of men. Our day will come.... so, while we wait we'll make a mean devonshire tea and knit some jumpers!!! Oh West Wing is so good, I have watched 19 episodes this week plus the 2 on tonight. I have some WW for you too, I forgot to bring it: Sorry!!! I'll bring them to the next Coven meeting!!!

Samantha said...

I have to agree with you there. I have a "man" job and I do it well. But I knit even better, and I get way more satisfaction from making a highly praised meal, or from FINALLY finishing a hand made skirt that fits. And I am damn proud of myself for doing it - if only it was my job!

amanda j said...

Well said Suzi, I think we should all do what we want to do. I get so sick of people saying 'You don't look like someone who knits'. What is that supposed to mean?! I applaud your ability to cook nice things. I think I could do it too, I just don't get the time that often to try. Perhaps I could join your movement?? And MAKE the time.

HibiscuitsGirl said...

It's true. Women's work doesn't get the credit it deserves. Sometimes, though, I think it's women who don't give it enough credit! My husband is always telling me I work harder than him, and I always say "But I didn't leave the house!" But he gets to actually leave his workplace. Many women NEVER do! They live in their workplaces!

The one bad thing about feminism (IMO): now men know we can work, they expect us to! Becoming a fulltime housemom is frequently no longer an option--women must be housewives AND keep a job!

Karen M said...

Well, the other bad thing about feminism - and I say that with more than a little trepidation - is that not only is our work at home denigrated by men, it's denigrated by women too! "Oh, you don't work, dear?" No, I don't. Just like *you* don't work when *you* get home... Grrr!

Oooh! Speaking of crock-pots: if you can find them on sale, buy two. Mark one "FOR DYEING" in big red letters, and use it for some awesome skeins. Easiest skeins you'll ever dye, too. Plus you'll have a second one for tasty stews and chile.