Friday, March 30, 2007

The Top 13 Most Wanted!

1. Sparkly Queen from AntiCraft (kint beaded pasties! They'd be great for pole dancing!).
2. Emerald Beaded Bracelet from MagKnits - this is too beautiful for words!
3. Bauble form Knitty - another shiny must have for me!
4. Petticoat from Anticraft (I can sew!)
5. Fowers on a Grave from AntiCraft
6. Nuclear Family from AntiCraft - the must have for any discerning housewife on the Darkside!
7. Bad Juju from the AntiCraft
8. Yorick from Knitty
9. Snowballs Chance in Hell from AntiCraft
10. Knucks form Knitty
11. Lilies from Knitty
12. Crime of Fashion
13. Lace-Up Opera Gloves (these may even beat Knucks onto the needles, I don't know I can wait till I'm done with the Bowhunters either, well maybe one Bowhunter....)

Narrowing it down to 13 was hard, but I have felting, beading and intarsia. Not to mention I can test my sewing skills with a couple of projects.
I can sew, knit, cross stitch and bake almost anything! Once I can crochet something other than a boogelly chain...but never will I take up scrapbooking! Never! And I will say it in regards this. Never will I say anything but never to scrapbooking!

1 comment:

2paw said...

Because I am special, I have no idea why you have a Top 13!!! But it is certainly a good 13, a Baker's Dozen of Knitterly fun!!!