Wednesday, March 28, 2007

It was a perfect knitting day today! Very nice and cool, so I sat around in my Aran earwarmer so my ears won't ache too much (it has been invaluable of an evening as the the nights have started to cool down.) and worked on my bowhunter restarted. It's progressing much more nicely now, and I have high hopes this time.

I did some shopping yesterday, bought myself some new cake tins to bake in! On sale I picked up a 20cm (8-inch) deep loose bottomed round. Exactly what I have been looking for. I also got a 26cm(10-inch) round springform marked down, slightly larger than what I normally use but I have some cakes I want to try that require a larger tin and I love the ease of a springform for getting cakes out.

I also bought a 20cm (8-inch) square on sale the other day, not a deep one unfortunately which I wanted for fruit cakes, but it is just the right size for plenty of slices that don't need as much height.

Had lunch out at my fave haunt, Cafe 11, they do great food and good coffee. I decided to try their Fruit Salad Frappe (Low GI option to boot!) while in yesterday. Beautiful!!!! I have started exploring other drink ideas on menus lately so as to avoid coffee (which I add sugar too) and things loaded with sugar already (i.e my weakness for cola, that was harder to give up than I anticipated!).
Also tried with Sandra D the new coffee place not long opened up, iced coffee wasn't bad. But having paid $8 for a Chicken Ceaser Wrap, I wasn't too impressed with something that had, I kid you not, a whole two pieces of lettuce, some sliced hardboiled egg, that wafer thin chicken slicey stuff you buy form the deli and two tiny snippets of bacon. And something that I think may have been shredded ham(????????), I don't know what there dressing was but talk about vinegary.
If in the vicinity I may do coffee from them, but that's few and far between now, I don't just pop into town and buy a coffee anymore, if I'm in town I'm usually in to do everything and I want to be able to do coffee and something edible for lunch, no I didn't eat the wrap. I left it and walked out I was too tired to argue with somebody over it, besides with how loud the music nobody else would be able to hear my outrage at their daylight robbery. Bah!

Anyway it's time for my dinner, and I am feeling a little lazy today, rather sleepless night last night. I am going to go with my normally reserved for late night TV watching on Monday nights. My Boston Legal must have, my Tortilla Toasty! Actually I have found something I think will go well with it for a main with the colder weather coming up, I was flicking through some old Delicious magazines and espied something yummy (alright there was a lot of yummy) Chili Bean Soup. Now that is going on to the make list, along with some more pumpkin soup and some potato and leek soup! Yum! And double yum!

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2paw said...

I saw the Frappe on their board at the weekend, but I had a pot of real tea!!! It is an excellent cafe, one of the best I think, but not trendy- which I like!!! I made soup on Tuesday. It is definitely soup weather!! Have fun cooking!!!
What a rip off price for the Wrap. A good thing I don't drink coffee and so I don't have to eat anything there!!!