Thursday, March 29, 2007

Food Update!

I have typed up the recipe for my veg soup I made this afternoon, I've also done the Honey Crunch Cookies at long last!
Haven't typed up the Beefburger Risotto yet, but it was a success. It was pretty basic but very very tasty!

Look out tomorrow for the Spag Bol recipe, I'm making that then. My mother's recipe from before she bought jars of sauce. Could be interesting. Also hopefully a scone recipe and at long last some pictures of my apricot jam I made earlier this year, hopefully on the scones provided they come out well.

And if you haven't had a good look at the Inn recently I suggest a good poke about. I'm trying to update it more regularly and try and create a better order for my recipes.

There'll mostly be new baking coming soon, probably a run on friands. You can buy the tins for these now in the supermarket so not a real specialty item any more, unlike if I were to make Madeline's. Which I am hoping to, but then I'm a weird food person so I'm going to enjoy that.

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amanda j said...

Wow! You have been busy! I love risotto but my one attempt to make some was dismal. I should try again . . . maybe I will wait for your recipe.